Workshop Details

The 2020 Images-as-Data Dublin (IMG-DUB) Workshop will take place online via Zoom, from 10-11 December 2020. We look forward to welcoming researchers from across the social sciences and computer science to what will surely be a fascinating two day conference.

In recent years, social scientists have begun using computational methods to study images, launching a new “images-as-data” research field. Either through home-grown classifiers or pre-trained image labeling services, it is now possible to analyze image content at large scales. These methods open new avenues of research in a variety of sub-disciplines in the social sciences, including communication and behavioral studies. At the same time, researchers are actively working on addressing known biases in computational image classification.

To take stock of new developments in this exciting field, we have invited interested scholars to participate in a 2-day workshop to discuss new approaches and substantive applications of computational and qualitative image analysis in the political and social sciences.

A full workshop program and list of accepted papers is now available.

If you are not presenting but wish to attend this workshop, please send an email to and a Zoom link will be provided to you.

Organization & Support

Workshop organizing committee:

  • Constantine Boussalis — Trinity College Dublin
  • Martijn Schoonvelde — University College Dublin

The workshop is co-funded by the Political Studies Association of Ireland, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Trinity College Dublin, and the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin. The conference is also affiliated with the Connected Politics Lab at University College Dublin. For workshop queries, please contact the chairs at